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Financially Assisting Community Entertainment


Welcome to The Renner’s new “F.A.C.E. it” Campaign 

(Financially Assisting Community Entertainment).


In community theatre, resources are limited for non profits. It costs a lot money to maintain a building that is nearly 100 years old…our community enjoys live theatre…we bring joy to all age groups…we take theatre to a whole new level…we take you places you may never thought you could travel to !!

Of course we are extremely fortunate and grateful to the community businesses, local volunteers, individual contributors, and our show sponsors for their support. Many times individuals or business think in order to help the contribution needs to be large or a one time contribution.The Renner has established this new campaign so that companies or individuals can contribute a minimum $10 monthly contribution by simply signing up for a monthly reminder email to make your contribution to our secure online website. We currently have our “Square” online payment for gift cards, concessions, audience choice, and now for our “F.A.C.E. it” monthly contribution.

Simply sign up via your email and we will send you a “FACE it” Campaign email reminder to make your contribution. In order to cover the service charges from Square to us we ask that your monthly contribution be a minimum of $10 of course it could be more!


All contributions will go to our general fund. At the end of the year you will be sent the total amount you contributed for tax purposes.


    It is our intent that once your monthly contributions reaches a total of $100 YOU will then receive a Renner Theatre gift card valued at $15. You can make use of this gift card for a ticket, concessions, audience choice, or pass it on as a gift !!!

Please join us in making this F.A.C.E. it campaign a standing ovation and sign up today !!

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