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The Renner 

A Community Treasure

Many years ago, two theatrical enthusiasts fell in love with the performing arts. In 1987, a little church on 7th Street

was purchased with the hopes of sharing the love for theater with friends, family and neighbors. The couple with that passion was Dr. W. W. Renner and his wife Dorothy. Even after the passing of her husband in 1986, Dorothy continued to share the love of the theater.


As time has passed, the Players have introduced the performing arts to people from the young to the young at heart. With care, this little church has blossomed and the charming theatrical environment has grown to become a neighborhood favorite. Little by little and show by show, The Zane Trace Players have carved their place in our community as well as our hearts.

In 2010, the torch was passed onto a new board that shares Mrs. Renner's theatrical passion and dreams for the future. This board continues to bring you new and exciting shows, concerts and events along with support of the community through charitable causes.

Zane Trace Players is a non-profit organization with no paid staff. All participants are volunteers who share the love of theater and the performing arts. Our participants are volunteers who enjoy stepping out of their everyday roles to bring a story to life.

The Renner Theater is located on 148 N. 7th Street in downtown Zanesville. We are fully handicap accessible and offer ample parking. Our intimate environment offers a cozy place to enjoy performances in the winter and a sweet escape from the heat of the summer. Reservations are requested as seating is limited. Come enjoy this new chapter in Zane Trace Players' history. See you at the show!

Curtain Call - a short documentary

Curtain Call - a short documentary

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Our Current Board Members

Rich Tolliver, Shelley Tolliver, Bruce Revennaugh, Kerby Staker,
Marge Lee, Kari Scott, David Wickham, Mollie Winland, Stacy Katz
, Caitlin Staker,

Steve Stewart, Christy Rahrig, Dakota McConaha, Margaret Hemphil-Wysong,

Jessica Cunningham, & Tahnee Danielle Kay 

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