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Donation and Volunteer Options

Your help allows us to share our passion for the arts by strengthening the community and bringing people together. Your contribution keeps the lights on, provides opportunities to tell a story and helps to keep the arts alive in downtown Zanesville.


A gift in any amount allows us to continue our mission. A show ticket covers less than half of what it costs to operate a theater and your involvement is greatly appreciated.


     Ways to Donate :     

                Corporate Sponsorship

                Individual Giving

                Becoming a Patron

                Season Underwriting

                Legacy Contributions

                Face-It Campaign


                We are proud celebrate advertisers as supporters of the arts on our website
                 and social media outlets as well as in our season program. Call for details



                Volunteer - The Renner welcomes help both on and off the stage. We have a
                wide variety of volunteer positions open in costuming, set building, ushering
                and more. Volunteering with The Renner, Home of Zane Trace Players is a
                wonderful opportunity to get to know people in Zanesville's theater community
                and learn more about the arts. Welcome new faces and appreciate all levels of
                the theatrical experience. Call for details


                Audition Be in the limelight - Auditions are open to all. At The Renner,
                auditions are open to all and NO prepared pieces are necessary. You are
                welcome to come to one or both nights of auditions. You are asked  to fill out
                our green sheet (information page), come to  the stage, share a little bit about
                yourself and read a little bit from the script. For musicals, you will be asked to
                sing a little bit, too. Check out our events calendar or call for details

                DirectSubmit a show and bring your vision to life. Call for details

                Work Behind the ScenesMany positions are available when working on a show
                Stage manager, prop master/mistress, costume designer/construction, make-up
                artist, hair stylist, set designer, set craftsman/craftswomen, house manager. 
                Call for details


                Additional Needs - Welcome patrons, manage the house, concessionaires,                             ushers and marketing. Call for details

                Share your skills - There are many opportunities to help The Renner maintain its

                architectural history and niche in community. Call us today!

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